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The computer industry is moving at an incredible rate and it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a purchase decision as equipment becomes obsolete so rapidly. The news is not all bad though, as the PC has been designed to be easily upgradeable. By upgrading, you can be certain of running the latest applications and leisure/educational software and also keep abreast of new technologies and peripherals.

Often, when electronic equipment is broken or malfunctioning and is past its warranty date, it is not cost effective or impossible to repair, however computers - PCs in particular can be repaired at a very reasonable cost. Each component is replaceable individually and will cost much less than they did at the time of purchase.
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Upgrade  a Pentium PC to a Pentium III from only 200

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STS will endeavour to repair or upgrade any computer from any manufacturer in the most cost effective way. Please call us with details of the machine and we will give you an estimate of the cost. Alternatively, if you would like to trade up to a newer machine, we can offer excellent rates for part exchange.

All repairs and upgrades come with 3 months return to base warranty on the repaired or upgraded components only.

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This service is based on the customer bringing the computer to STS, however it may be possible on occasion to collect the equipment.

If you are considering having your machine repaired or upgraded, please be sure to back-up any important files as STS cannot be responsible in the unlikely event that data loss may occur.