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Go to DriversHQ and get up-to-date

The one stop shop for  video, sound and just about any other drivers you care to mention.


Rid yourself of dowloading nightmares

Ever tried to download a large file and found that it has aborted or stopped near the end ?
Worry no more - this nifty little program allows you to resume the download of any files that are incomplete as well as schedule downloads and turn off the computer after finishing.
Check it Out


Make sure you keep in touch

Here's the Scenario: You only have one phone line, and so do your friends, you're all online but you need to contact them. Impossible? Try ICQ, it works like a pager, so if you all have the software you can chat to eachother, swap files or even launch NetMeeting so you can see and hear eachother. It also tells you whenever your friends are online.


Why not try Galaga or Shaolin's Road

If you ever fancy a trip back to the golden days of videogaming, why not give MAME a try, it lets you play all the classic arcade games of years gone by on your PC. Just download the MAME software, find some roms and off you go!


The ultimate player

This is the world famous audio player that can handle MP3 files, midi, wav and just about anything you care to throw at it. It also has several plugins available like the brilliant dancing coke can and the stunning cthuga.