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To order online from Surreyweb Technology Systems, please read the guidelines below
  1. Fill out the estimate form below with a description of your requirements.
  2. Click on the SEND Button to mail the estimate to us.
  3. When we have received the estimate and it has been processed, we will telephone and e-mail you to confirm details and arrange payment.

Please note:

  1. At present we do not have the facilities to take credit card payments, so all orders must be paid by cheque or cash
  2. All prices are as seen with NO VAT TO ADD to them
  3. A delivery charge will be made for anywhere other than our local area (we will confirm the costs by telephone)
  4. For out of stock items, please allow 7 days from date of order for delivery.
  5. The estimate given will be valid for 14 days from date of estimate.

please note: you must supply your email address or a phone number or we will be unable to contact you.


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