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With people becoming increasingly interested in computing, the demand for high quality machines at sensible prices is also rising. We believe that the best way to purchase a new computer is to avoid superstores and high street chains which are unable to offer knowledge of the product they are selling and have to carry large overheads which are in turn passed on to the customer. Also, many brand name manufacturers provide machines with poor value parts and proprietary components which make future upgrading extremely difficult. bigcase.jpg (13924 bytes)
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We will help you to design a PC that meets your every requirement.

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STS PCs can be built to your specific requirements, with the RAM and Hard Drive sizes that meet your needs. You can specify any particular video or sound cards you like as well as any additional peripherals. All our  components are from reliable sources and the computers are hand built and thoroughly tested. You can be sure that the machine will be upgradeable in the future...

Without the high cost of running a showroom, STS are able to offer unbeatable prices on Computers and Peripherals, with free delivery in the Sutton area and 12 months return to base warranty on any new equipment.

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Example Intel PIII 700 System

Stylish Midi Tower Case
128mb SDRAM
40X CD Rom (minimum)
17gb Hard Drive
TNT2 32mb Video Card
PCI Sound Card
17" Monitor
160w Speakers
Win98 Keyboard
Windows 98
Internal 56k Modem

Total Price 850.00