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  Current Price Guidelines


Basic, single page site including information such as : 
company logo, company details and product information and 
contact information. Includes up to two photographs 
or pictures plus free hosting on a surreyweb server*
Total Price 50.00

Domain Name Registration  please call
Standard web page layout
i.e. up to 250 words, text links
pictures (not inc. scanning)
per page 30.00
Design of buttons for linking pages 1st Button from 10.00
additional from 2.00
Bespoke & Corporate Websites

please call or email for 
a free estimate

Scanning of photographs, logos etc per scan 2.50
Design of forms from 20.00
Scripting e.g.  Java, CGI, PHP3, ASP from 40.00 per hour
Bespoke Illustrations from 40.00 per hour
Animation and Interactive pages from 40.00 per hour
Audio Composition & Editing 
(Sound FX, Music, Compression etc)
from 40.00 per hour
3D Animation and Logos from 40.00 per hour
For any information not listed on this page, or a more specific estimate,  please call us on 020 8255 3311. 

Prices above are based on pages having a regular (i.e. up to 10) links per page and up to 5 images per page. For pages with more links or images than this, please call for an estimate. 

All prices are subject to our standard terms and conditions.



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