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  A Selection of Our Current Clients
Please Note: Surreyweb Web Site Design is a very new company and whilst short at the moment, our list of clients will hopefully :-) be growing rapidly.

Commstec specializes in broadband resourcing In conjunction with Greendome. 

Eurotech is a pan European recruitment event

The award winning Property Select Wales is a great example of one our database driven sites in action.

The site provides a comprehensive solution to finding both properties and services in Wales.

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Britannic are an international exhibition company.

sts.gif (1913 bytes)

This is the University of Leicester Biochemistry Department website containing a large quantity of information relating to the department's staff and current research projects.

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SME was created in association with Greendome marketing and features attractive design with a macromedia flash introduction.

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DISCO international LTD Have changed their corporate identity and we updated their site to reflect this.
Auto Integrale is a new company specilising in the restoration of Lancia vehicles. Working from scratch with just a few photographs, we created logos and and retouched images to make the site something very special.

sts.gif (1913 bytes)

Hermes is a courier company based in Wandsworth. We decided to try and break the mould for courier related websites with a fun introduction.  

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STS is our sister company providing computer equipment and peripherals as well as upgrades and repairs. To ensure up-to-date prices, the site is run from an active database with the price guide created on-the-fly by the server.

In association with Planet Languages we produce production information pages for 3Com in various languages. These pages reside in various 3Com sites worldwide. Please click to see a sample.


Westex are one of englands largest mailing houses dealing with clients such as Lloyds and the Halifax. 

Names for keepsakes is a specialist site dealing with the creation of art centered around heraldic coats of arms. The site was not designed by Surreyweb, however it is maintained by us.

Blueberry Music are song writers who wanted to be able to demonstrate their song's over the internet. Having originally designed their own site which you can see here, they decided to take a more professional approach. Be sure to check out the interactive CD player in the clips area.

Danilo is the world leading producer of official calendars for the sports and entertainment industry. The site is currently in progress and will contain a secure online ordering area. Please note: The site currently at is their old site, NOT the site we are producing.

Ann Davies is an author of  books explaining how to make rag rugs and wall hangings.

SGA are a Reprographics company who produce artwork, graphics and filmwork for print. Some of their clients include CIC & Parmaount video and also Telstar Electronics Studios. The site was put together by ourselves to match their current printed material.

 Your site could be next !

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