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  Audio Editing and Composition
More and more sites on the internet are including musical tracks as an accompaniment to the visual elements of the page. If you require audio on your site, let surreyweb make sure it is quick to download, and of the highest possible quality allowed by today's modem speeds.

If you have audio files already, we can compress them using MP3 technology to enable fast download times, or embed them as macromedia flash streaming audio files to allow listening directly from a web site.

If necessary, we can record directly from audio tape, vinyl, videotape, cd into digital wav or aiff format. (please note however that we reserve the right to refuse to record copyright material unless genuine proof of permission is provided)

If you require music to be composed, we can produce high quality dance-style tracks in either midi or wav format for use on your site.


If you have any questions about our procedures, please call Laurence on 020 8255 3311 who will be happy to 
help you in any way.



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